Underwater Inspection With Drones

In most maritime industries, underwater inspections are a frequent activity and, in some cases, a daily operation. As these inspections often are a necessity, shouldn’t you make sure you have the best tools available at hand to make the process as frictionless as possible?

Providing Better Overview

Drones provide an extra set of eyes to the task – Increasing the possibility to conduct the inspection with an even greater perspective and agility. Utilizing the underwater drone might just provide you with the edge you need to conduct a precise inspection. Whether it’s inspections of fish pens, marine coating, analyzing hull fouling, or even pipelines and submerged infrastructure.

Enable Better Success

The underwater drone provides the inspector with an advantageous position in terms of proximity to the asset, as well as a competitive position. The reason why is the inspection tool’s accessibility to areas where human divers may have trouble reaching, as well as areas with an increased risk to human health and life. For instance, the drone has been used to inspect water quality in reservoirs and dams, as the drone’s size and easy manoeuvrability provides greater access to narrow pipelines and underwater constructions.

Reducing cost and downtime

Inspections are a necessary activity, but also somewhat time and resource consuming. Especially in industries exposed to a great number of regulations, bureaucracy and paperwork are never far behind. Being able to conduct effective and purposeful inspections is therefore a key success factor.   The drone can be deployed within minutes, which reduces time spent on the execution of the operation. Moreover, it can be reduced even further by proper planning prior to the actual inspection. By eliminating the risks associated with human workers, you also avoid the full shutdown of the system and machinery.

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