Cargos which are transported and stored in liquid form and commonly shipped in ocean tankers or ISO containers. Such cargos include dangerous chemicals, gasoline, gases (LPG/LNG), petroleum and cooking/edible oil.

Our liquid bulk survey covers the follows :-

check-mark Inspection and sampling of shore tanks prior to loading and / or discharging
check-mark Witnessing and / or analysis of cargoes prior to shipment or pre-shipment survey
check-mark Inspection of vessel's tanks prior loading and / or after discharging
check-mark Gauging of vessel's tanks after loading and / or prior discharging
check-mark Inspection of shore and vessel's lines, pumps and other facilities
check-mark Continuous attendance during operations
check-mark Sampling of cargoes pre-discharged and post loading from vessel's tanks
check-mark Full supervision of ship to ship cargo transfer operation