UN-IMDG, SOLAS Chapter VII and LPK (Local Port Authority) By-laws amendment 1989 requires Container Packing Certificate (CPC) issued by a competent surveyor as a mandatory supporting document in carriage of Dangerous Goods. The requirement of CPC is to ensure proper handling / packing / declaration etc by all personals responsible and aiming to avoid and / or reduce the risks to the ships / ports / terminals etc.

We, Altitude Malaysia Sdn Bhd is an approved panel surveyor by LPK (Local Port Authority) for issuance of DG-Container Packing Certificate.

In brief, our CPC inspection covers the following scopes :-

check-mark Indentifying Proper Shipping Name / UN No. of the dangerous goods.
check-mark Classifying the dangerous goods based on Proper Shipping Name / UN No.
check-mark Inspection of cargo packing group / condition / suitability / marking / labeling / placarding.
check-mark Suitability inspection of Cargo Transport Unit (CTU) for transporting the dangerous goods.
check-mark Supervise the proper loading of cargo into CTU with right segregation between DG class if any.
check-mark Witnessing proper cargo securing and finally sealing of the CTU.
check-mark Labeling of CTU at all 4 panels with proper DG placards / UN No.
check-mark Issuance of Container Packing Certificate (CPC).