Container And Cargo Survey

Containers have been one of the largest and fastest growing cargo transportation modes in many of the ports worldwide. These containers carry anything from equipment and machinery parts to children's toys and clothing to perishable goods. Due to this increase in the market for containers there is a greater need of reliable inspections.

Determining the container suitability for cargo can greatly reduce the risk of liability for exporters / importers and as well as insurance underwriters.

We offers a variety of inspection services for shipping and container services including but not limited to the following:

check-mark Visual inspection of cargo prior to crating / packaging.
check-mark Verification of quantity / quality conformity to contractual agreement.
check-mark Inspections of packaging and crating integrity for safe transportation of cargo.
check-mark Visual inspection of general appearance and conformity to contractual specification.
check-mark Verification of weights, volumes and quantities.
check-mark Verification of shipping mark of cargo crates / packages and containers.
check-mark Witness / supervise the loading of crates / packages into containers.
check-mark Witness / supervise proper cargo securing in container to ensure safe transportation.
check-mark Witness / supervise unloading of cargo to ensure cargo receipt in sound condition.
check-mark Damage investigation of cargo and container for loss assessment and mitigation.